Yoga, Reiki & Wellness

I am Ileana Claffey, an experienced registered yoga instructor and Reiki II practitioner in Coral Springs, Florida.

Experience personalized attention to your individual concerns and needs in a relaxed atmosphere. You will learn about Postures (Asanas), Breath (Pranayama), Meditation and Relaxation. The use of props (i.e. chairs, blocks, belts, bolster and blankets) ensures that each student — regardless of age or ability — achieves the maximum benefit from each pose, while avoiding injury.

Yoga teaches you self-awareness. When you become aware of your body, breath, and the experience of being… you find yourself naturally nurturing your body, choosing healthy foods, and living a more mindful lifestyle. Change is gradual but long lasting.

Reiki is a Japanese form of stress reduction with many health benefits.