Thank you for your testimonials, I am honored.

“Yesterday I did my first online yoga class with my yoga teacher Ileana Candales Claffey who helped me heal the loss of my mom 9 years ago. Fast forward 9 years later I still take Ileanas gentle yoga class every Wednesday to heal, stay healthy and strong: mind, body and soul. 🧘🏻‍♀️ it’s my natural form of medicine to relieve stress and heal my body and boost my immune system.” – Michelle

“Ileana encouraged me to begin gentle hatha classes when previously I had restricted myself to restorative yoga. It was at her prompting, her belief in me, that I challenged myself, and I have now been practicing gentle hatha for over one year.” – Harry


Ileana is knowledgeable and friendly, a natural educator and a leader. I enjoyed the course and would recommend it to anyone interested in Restorative Yoga.  Thank you! Well-written course and printed manual. Excellent pacing, demonstrations, Q & A. Safe and welcoming space. I enjoyed it all and learned a lot.” – Tamara

“Had a wonderful weekend of Restorative Yoga Teacher training. Thank you Ileana for a great training! ‍- Michelle

“I have been adding a little something extra special to my classes this week after getting certified in Restorative Yoga at Yoga Source in Coral Springs. It was a wonderful experience learning from Ileana Candales Claffey. Now I get to use all these wonderful props to help you yogis get extra comfy in class.” – Lori



Healing Through Yoga Nidra, Reiki & Sound Therapy with Ileana & Tamara:

“Just wanted to let you and Tamara know that I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop… it was very relaxing and mind opening to me… thank you again and I most certainly will be joining future sessions.” – Diane L. 2/28/21

Our last workshop was held on Sunday, 2/28/21. Stay tuned for our next one!

“I was completely taken away by today’s experience. I have participated in person several times and was looking forward to this time together. I can only say that my day was light and joyful ten fold after our class. I am looking forward to the next time. Peace and Light.” – Susan L. 2/28/21

“Thank you so much for this beautiful practice today. I feel wonderful and very peaceful! Ahhh…😌 I’ve never experienced Reiki, so this was a new experience for me. I loved our combined energy too. My body is still tingling! Both of your voices are very soothing.😌 I hope to join you again soon. Peace and Namasté- Jennifer🙏💞☮️ THANK YOU!!💝” – Jennifer W. 2/28/21

“I really enjoyed your class today! Thanks so much for making my day!” – Bonni T. 2/28/21

“Hi Ileana and Tamara, thank you to both you for the Workshop today. Today made me realize how much I have missed attending your workshops and am grateful that you both were able to hold the workshop in a virtual setting. It is truly amazing that so many of us have been able to adapt and remain connected during the pandemic. Just shows us our resiliency to adversity. The workshop was certainly rewarding to me and as the day goes on I will continue to remain in the “moment”. I look forward to receiving the recording and to future workshops! Blessings and Peace!”
– Debbie F. 2/28/21

“Attending the Yoga Nidra workshop online was wonderful! My body went deeper, without the resistance I can feel in studio, knowing I was in the comfort of my own bedroom.” – Shoshana Z. 2/28/21

“Loved the session today. Do relaxing and calming. We needed that. You’re awesome at what you do”- Monique, Parkland

“Thank you Ileana Candales Claffey and Tamara Ronkin for such a beautiful experience today.” – Alex, Coconut Creek

“Thankyou Ileana Candales Claffey
for another amazing Yoga Nidra class today. Today’s guided meditation focused on “Gratitude” Yoga Nidra relaxes your entire body-mind-spirit, relieves muscular, mental and emotional tensions and stress.” – Michelle, Coral Springs

“Another amazing workshop! Thank you!” – Breyn, Coral Springs

“Loved every minute! What a beautiful way to spend the day. Thank you Tamara Ronkin and IIeana for sharing your special gifts with us.” – Linda, Parkland

“Thank you Ileana and Tamara! It was just what I needed.” – Michelle, Coconut Creek

“Thank you for such a wonderful experience. It was so nice to see you and to feel the good energy.” – Becky, Coral Springs

“Heading out to Yoga Source for Reiki Healing and Yoga Nidre! Thanks Tamara Ronkin and Ileana for feeding my soul” – Vicky, Coral Springs

“What an amazing class. You guys are so special…. thank you for filling my day with so much positive energy.” – Lori, Coral Springs

“Thanks to you both! Wonderful!! Looking forward to next month! Namaste!” – Debbie, Coral Springs

“My nice day started with breakfast with our neighbors and then took me to a great workshop at Yoga Source. Healing with Sound therapy, Yoga Nidra and Reiki. I feel better! Thank you Tamara and Ileana!” – Gail, Coral Springs

“Preparing for an afternoon of bliss at Yoga Source – Workshop with yoga, meditation, gong and singing bowls. Perfect for a rainy afternoon.” – Michelle, Coral Springs

“It was great!!!! Got home and slept for hours!!!! Lol Thank you!!!!” – Luz, Coral Springs

“I come every month, wouldnt miss it. I am so relaxed, refreshed and renewed when I leave.” – Vicky, Parkland

“I think you helped me locate my missing center. Namaste’.” – Anne, Coral Springs

“Nice way to spend the afternoon during a crAzy hurried time of year.” – Sharon, Coral Springs

“It was great! Many thanks, Ileana and Tamara.” – Cathy, Coral Springs

“Loved it!! Thank you so much for sharing your healing energies.” – Lisa, Coral Springs

“Thank you for today. I don’t know what you did, but I felt it. I felt your presence and a vibration in my limbs. After missing yoga for the last 2.5 months, today was a good reminder of how much I miss it and how much I need yoga in my life!” – Alison, Coral Springs.

“Everyone should indulge their spirits by taking this class. It has been fundamental in helping me to “balance” myself when the stresses of life throw you off track. Your class is a gift to all of us. Thank you for blessing my life.” – Laura, Coral Springs

“You were both just a pleasure to be guided by. You both epitomize what yoga is and should be.” – Lisa, Coral Springs

“You are a healer and a bright light to all who are lucky enough to know you.”- Chris, Boca Raton

Yoga for Managing Chronic Pain Workshop:

“I want to thank you for all the time and effort you have put into preparing and offering the classes for managing Chronic Pain. I looked for a long time for a teacher with your compassion, knowledge and understanding. You are an extraordinary teacher and a caring person who has offered me hope and encouragement managing my pain. I have practiced yoga and meditation for many years and as chronic pain stared imparting my mobility I have searched for a class that I could participate. I find that group participation encourages and helps enhance my practice while meeting some great people who understand the realities of chronic pain. Thank you for Yoga for Managing Chronic Pain Workshop and I am looking forward to the next workshop.” – Susan, Coral Springs


Government Center West

Weston Library:

“Ileana is patient, has a positive attitude and is always encouraging. She adjust the yoga positions to accommadate participants’ limitation.s She is not only teaching chair yoga, but a change in lifestyle to promote better health. Her Classes are enjoyable and beneficial” – Vaila

“I really enjoy Ileana’s yoga classes. Both Mat and Chair Yoga have helped me with my flexibility and dealing with stress at work” – Wally

“Ileana’s class is wonderful, in 30 minutes I’m able to relax and release the daily stress. The exercises she teaches help me reduce lower back pain. After her class I feel peaceful.” – Viri

Taurus International Manufacturing

“Ileana’s brings peace in the middle of the day as stress increases, allowing us to let go and move forward. Ilana not only teaches us yoga but she helps us to become more aware of our bodies and how we hold things. I am grateful to continue my practice with Ileana.”- Nikki

Florida Atlantic University and NIH two year study

“The Effect of SITNFIT Chair Yoga Among Community Dwelling Older Adults with Osteoarthritis” : Douglas Gardens , Pembroke Pine

“It makes my body feel better and I have less pain”- Margarita, 94 years young

” Ileana you are my angel, I was alone and depressed and now I am calm and at peace”. – Yolanda

“When I started the class I could barely move my left arm, now I have full mobility.” – Mercedes

“Muchas gracias por sus enseñanzas. Que Dios nuestro senor la siga usando para ayudar a tanta gente que necesitamos aprender a vivir sin dolor .” – Magda

“Thank you for the hugs, it’s been a long time since someone hugged me.” – Stanley, 78 years young


“I always savor Ileana Candales Claffey’s Wednesday night meditation yoga class at Yoga Source. She is gifted at taking us to a place of peace in the midst of a noisy week. Everyone in the group is so supportive of each other. It’s a big dose of self-nurture topped off with Yoga Source’s yogi tea!” – Carol 

“About a year ago I began a journey to return to a level of fitness that I once enjoyed, a very humbling and intimidating experience for me. Like so many women, I put everything and everyone in front of my own care for many years. I needed something that would feed both mind and body. I could force myself to the gym but had no passion for it. As we all know to be able to incorporate something into your life you must enjoy it.
Yoga was a very natural choice for me. I wandered from studio to studio, class to class, teacher to teacher, trying to find the right fit for me. I needed someone who would communicate with me, help me keep myself safe from injury, enable me to get the most out of my body each time while reminding me not to push farther than my body could safely go. I found that person in Ileana.
In every class that she leads she guides each student on their own journey while fostering a beautiful communal energy that we as students draw from during our practice. Ileana brings volumes of information to each student to help feed body mind and spirit. From beginning to end her classes envelop each student in a positive environment that fosters both emotional and physical strength and peace.
I have found the ability to nurture myself again, what a precious gift.” – Evie, Coral Springs

“Thank you for a beautiful class on Saturday my friend….so nice catching up , sharing and laughing !! Xoxo”- Liza, Ashville

“Just wanted to tell u how much I enjoyed the gentle hip openers!”
“Thanks so much for catering to me last night. Love you!” – Sharon, Coconut Creek

“Great class tonight at Yoga Source with Ileana! Thanks Ileana!”
” I really lucked out tonight! Ended up with a wonderful private yoga class with Ileana! Thank you, Ileana!”
“Almost time for Ileana’s great class!” – Cathy, Tamarac

“Thank you for a fun class.” – Tamara, Coral Springs


“I slept so good last night.  My foot feels a lot better. Thank you so much!! your ears were probably ringing all day yesterday, I was singing your praises to everyone I talked to” – D, Coral Springs

“Thank you for this unexpected testimonial, Ileana Candales Claffey. You have become an outstanding Reiki Second Degree healer. Anyone who receives a Reiki session with you would agree. Thank you for choosing me as your teacher and for recommending me! “ – Tamara, Coral Springs

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