Past Events


“I waited for this day with much anticipation and it did not disappoint! I received so much from sharing with other fantastic women, and learning from them, but especially from Iliana who has a great sense of wisdom, grounding and compassion. I am immensely thankful for being part of this day. Thank you so much! Namaste 🙏🏼 ”



“This retreat was a soul-nourishing experience. Just being in Ileana’s presence is always inspiring, and she attracts like-minded people who appreciate what she offers, and bring their own wisdom and vulnerability to the mix. I’m so grateful to have been included. 💖 ”

“I will forever cherish opening my eyes to Ileana’s yoga instruction and seeing that gorgeous green tree swaying in the wind against the stunningly blue sky. ”

“Delicious dishes that were out of the ordinary, plentiful, and served fresh with organic thoughtful touches”


“It was beautiful and it had an amazing peaceful energy to its environment that supported everyone to feel like they were in a safe space. “