Space Clearing

Space Clearing  is the technique of taking disruptive energies and transforming them into energies that are healing and helpful.  While clutter clearing works with the physical/visible (ex; our physical possessions), space clearing largely focuses on the non-physical/invisibles (ex: energetic stress, negative thought patterns, emotional charge, environmental disturbances) that cause us to feel overwhelmed, stuck, and out of balance in our homes, workspaces and lives.

Everything is energy, and energy is everything.  

Quantum physics has established that everything – all matter, and even immaterial phenomenon like thought and emotion, is energy… vibration.  As we move about our day, we continually interact with these vibrations, knowingly or unknowingly.

Have you ever walked into a home or business and found yourself feeling, “this place has a bad vibe”?  Whether we are aware of it or not, the first thing that we respond to with people, places and things is energy, therefore we respond and react to the way these things make us feel. 

My approach to space clearing combines ancient  and modern techniques  to move, shift, balance, and clear these energies; creating a higher frequency of light; which uplifts, boosts and generally enlivens the vibration of energies throughout.

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