How I choose my 2021 word

I learn this method from Susannah Conway and yes I adapted it to me.  I have been working on it for a week and I feel I am close but I am not committed yet (maybe that should be my word?). Choosing your word is a creative exercise, because it pushes you to think about your aims and distill them into a single idea. 

  • Take some quiet time and grab some paper and pencil
  • Pause, take a deep breath and ask yourself:
    • What do I need more of in my life?
    • What do I need less of?
    • What qualities do I want to develop?
    • What is definitely happening in 2021? 
    • What am I hoping will happen in 2021?
    • What areas of my life are asking to be supported?
  • Write down any thoughts that come into your mind as you answer these questions – there are no right or wrong answers, you are looking for clues. When finish put it aside and come back tomorrow.
  • The next day look back through your notes and circle any words that feel important.
  • In a new paper write down all the words you circled – order is not important.
  • In addition look at list of words below and if any word(s) jump at you add them to the list of circled words.

  • Look over your list of circled words and select up to 5 words that resonate with you the most (more than 5 will make it overwhelming so keep it simple- 5 is max).
  • In a new paper explore your circled words:
    • What is your own definition of this word? What does the word mean to you?
    • What is the dictionaries definition of the word?
    • Look up the word in a thesaurus- synonyms you like better?
    • How does the word make you feel? 
    • Write it all down and then put aside until tomorrow.
    • Then next day look at your words again. 
      • Do they still resonate with you?
      • Have you uncovered other connected words that are more appealing?
      • Do you need an Active word?  Ex: Are you are ready for a year full of forward movement and change? Then pick a word the inspires and emboldens you: yes, focus, fly, strength, ignite, wild…
      • Or do you need a Passive word? Ex: Are you ready for a gentler ride in 2021? Then choose a word that will inspire that feeling within you: peace, restore, soften, home, ease..
      • Do you need an Inward word? Ex: You are anxious about what 2021 will bring? Then find a word that will fill like a hug: glow, nurture, nourish, tend, become..
      • Or an Outward word?  A word that will empower you to handle what ever 2021 throws at you? Then choose word such as: stretch, brave, expand, adventure..
      • Notice if any word creates a physical reaction in your body when you say it? 
      • Which word thrills you? Which one feels like a relief?
      • Which word do you want to be your word for 2021? Not the word you think you should choose, but the one you really want.
      • You want to pick a word you are a little bit in love with.  Don’t worry if you cannot narrow it down to one word. You can always change your mind to a word that feels most in service to your life and needs.
      • If you cannot decide between two or three words consider choosing one main word and keep the others as supporting words. 

Ex: each word supports a different aspect of your life; you can have an Inward word and an Outward word or Active word for your career and a Passive word for your family; it can be a mantra or a phrase.

  • Spend some time with your word, maybe doodle and simply ask yourself: Which word truly light me up?
  • To keep your word in your thoughts as you go through the year:
    • Add word  to desktop wallpaper or screensaver for phone and iPad. 
    • Add the word on a pebble and place on your altar, by your laptop, etc.
    • Post it notes everywhere.
    • Paint a picture and include word.
    • Create poem, mantra, jewelry, etc.
  • Susannah Conway states that “our words work their mojo whether we check in with them or not, but keeping them in mind certainly boosts their power” and that it is worth instigating monthly check-ins with our word: 
    • Ex: the 1st Sunday of the month, take 30 minutes to sit with your journal and reflect on the reasons you chose your word.  
      • How has it been supporting you? 
      • When did my word make a difference this month?
      • What could you do to bring more of your word into your life?
      • Are there any additional words that would support me next month?

My word for 2021 is CONNECT  and supporting word s are ME and TRUST.  CONNECT is to remind me to reach out to others and not be so much of an introvert. ME is to remind me if this is really me, my words, my desires and TRUST to trust myself.

Do you have your word for 2021? If so share it with me at IleanaYoga  and share it! Keep in touch through the year and let me know if it made a difference.

Blessings to you and your loved ones,



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