Lessons learned

 Lessons learned in 2017:

  • I am surrounded by angels
  • That I have the most wonderful, supportive husband, sons, family & friends. Who listen when I need them (though the might not understand) and left me alone when I asked.
  • That dreams do come true- with hard work and determination.
  • That the world does stops when you hear those 3 words: “it is cancer” – Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (aka breast cancer).
  • That I am not afraid of dying… but I am not ready yet.
  • That I am afraid of the pain I can cause my family
  • That people are kind and loving in the mist of their own pain
  • That I am vulnerable
  • That I am more powerful than I think
  • That I am a Conquer… have always been and will always be
  • And that I still need my mom at 60.

Lessons for 2018:

  • Let me learn how to be my best self, to be of service
  • To create an abundant, successful and fruitful life
  • To love and be loved more
  • That life is still a wonderful adventure
  • To fill all the pages of my book with love, laugher, health, gratitude and crazy fun
  • To be pure love, grace and peace

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