Meditations for Cancer

Meditations for Cancer

The meditations for cancer  below were developed to help reduce stress and anxiety caused by cancer treatments and to help you maintain a sense of calm.

So see if you can take this next while to commit yourself to this process of engaging the power of your imagination to help you heal.   All you have to do is settle in, relax and let yourself listen. Trust your mind to notice what it needs to hear, when it needs to hear it, and that can change each time.  And remember take what is useful and leave the rest.  Your main work is to go from a place of fear and uncertainty to a state of optimism and peace.

Cancer Care meditations deliberately encourage a dreamy mind-state, please don’t play it while driving.

May these meditations help you experience your treatment sessions with a positive attitude and hope for healing.

Meditations for Cancer

Preparing for Surgery

It has been found that people who are mentally and physically prepared for surgery generally have an easier experience because the body is more relaxed. Relaxed we can endure more pain, require less medication and have shorter hospital stays. Vividly imagining the best possible outcome of surgery prior to the procedure can reduce anxiety, sleep disturbance, and even the surgical stress response itself. When you take a more active part in your medical treatment, you tend to feel better and do better.

As you prepare for surgery, it is recommended you listen twice a day for several days before, and on the day of you surgery. If you find the practice helpful your medical team may allow you to play this recording on a headset during your surgery.

Blessing Chemotherapy Medicine Guided Meditation

A ritual to enter each chemotherapy session with feelings of peace, blessing, and the power of divine healing.

The idea is to pray and/or meditate, asking the Divine (in which ever way your faith experiences The Creator) to bless the medicine, allow it to only destroy the malignant cells and to leave the normal cells and tissues in perfect, healthy condition.

You can continue to visualize this process during the entire course of the treatment, as I will demonstrate in the meditation that follows. Always close your prayer or meditation with open-hearted gratitude for the gift of healing and the gift of life. Ask blessings for the scientists who discovered the treatments, the physicians and nurses who treat you and for yourself as part of your healing team. Remember, the key to healing is your positive intention followed by gratitude. May your healing path be blessed.

Chemotherapy Treatment Meditation

As treatment starts, you may use the following meditation.

Guided Relaxation for Dealing with Chemotherapy

Relaxation can help improve immune system function, reduce pain, and decrease stress to have an overall positive impact on healing.