Sound Meditation

Sound Meditation

Sound meditation, also known as sound healing or sound bathing, is a type of mindfulness meditation that uses sounds to help focus the mind and promote relaxation.  The purpose is to create a gentle, yet powerful, experience that heals the body, clears the mind and helps rein your attention to the present.


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Sound medicine practitioners use different methods of sound therapy to enhance your emotional and physical well-being. These practices are based on the belief that sounds and vibrational forces can directly influence your health and well-being.  According to quantum physics, every cell is made up of small pieces of vibrating matter joined together by magnetic forces. It is believed that during illness or disease the vibration in the cells is less effective or there is a reduction in the frequency of the vibration. Alternative health practitioners theorize that when your body is exposed to healing sounds, the sound vibration helps to raise the frequency of your body which brings health and spiritual enhancement. This is the basis for the belief of alternative health practitioners that sound therapy helps you to achieve an optimal vibration.
Energy healing practitioners use different instruments or sound tools to create different frequencies depending on a person’s particular needs. These vibrations influence different energy fields of the body affecting the chakra or aura to bring balance to a person’s life force energy (prana). This encourages physical, emotional and spiritual growth and healing.

Ileana Claffey is a Sound Practitioner, she has a private practice for sound therapy and leads sound baths and sound meditations in the Coral Springs and Parkland area.

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