Oncology Yoga

Oncology Yoga

Yoga is a complex, holistic system that includes a wide array of practices. A standard yoga class may include asana (poses), pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation, and relaxation practices to support physical, emotional, and mental health. However, not all yoga classes or programs are suitable for the specific needs and challenges of cancer survivors or patients.

Oncology Yoga  is advanced training that prepares registered yoga teachers (RYT) to teach any student at any point in their cancer journey — which may include surgery, active treatment, and recovery — safely and with confidence.


Oncology Yoga


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Whether you are a cancer patient, survivor, newly diagnosed, in treatment, gathering strength or thriving, yoga can further your recovery and help you feel whole again. You may even find new confidence you have never known.

But not all yoga classes are right for cancer patients and survivors.  And for some, taking a yoga class can be intimidating because of the unique physical and emotional needs that cancer & its treatments bring. yoga4cancer offers various support tools tailored to address the specific needs of cancer patients and survivors.  You will:

  • Build strength and flexibility in safe ways
  • Stimulate the immune system and build bone density
  • Cultivate a sense of well-being
  • Create hope and community
  • Empower all to take control and enhance quality of life
  • Are taught by an experienced, trained y4c teacher

Ileana is a cancer survivor and Yoga4Cancer (y4c) instructor, she has received advanced training and is sensitive to your concerns as a post-operative patient or someone currently undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation treatments. Classes are excellent for all levels, including beginners. Yoga classes are mat-based but we can modify them if you prefer to sit in a chair. Please reserve a spot in advance, as class space is limited.

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: Our programs are educational purposes and are not to be mistaken for long-term therapy or cure. Some people may find some programs to be too psychologically or physically challenging. We recommend that you consult a physician or trusted counselor if you have any doubt.

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